Wallpaper Inventors

As the new Galaxy S10 came with an innovative punch-hole camera design that attracted quite a lot of controversy, we fully embraced it the #DoWhatYouCant style and via a bold UGC activation, invited our fans to unleash their creativity and turn the odd camera placement into personal artistic statements.

By embracing full on the controversy around a bold camera design and turning it around into a self-expression enabler via a creative competition open to everyone, we built on our #dowhatyoucant attitude and boosted the sympathy for the brand, transforming what was panning out to become a disadvantage into an appealing distinct feature which encouraged the inventor within each of us to step out and shine. The S10 become, thus, more than just a new model, an exciting catalyst for personal expression and a rallying point for our brand community.

The brief of the competition was straightforward enough for everyone to wish to become a wallpaper inventor – all they had to do is incorporate the new camera style in their design.

We even offered a graphics tool to help the participants craft their proposal inside our landing page and invited people to post their masterpiece via Stories.



Over 1,000 in just a couple of days. Top local influencers, the likes of Sinziana Pop and Radu Constantin, joined in and invited their fans to follow their example and get their creative juices flowing. Brand engagement KPIs went off the charts, with 1.2 million engagements and 2.8 million Impressions. The 0.5 seconds Instagram-ers usually spend on a post suddenly turned into a whopping 8 minutes.


But the most important result was that the UGC wallpapers inspired Samsung fans to silence the critics and establish themselves as cool inventors in the process. 


Busan AdStars Finalist – Social&Influencer