Next Top Idol


As Samsung partnered with Korean pop sensation BTS to launch a new version of the Galaxy S20, we engaged the enthusiastic K-POP fandom in Romania, while observing social distancing, with an online competition challenging fans to enter the ultimate dance-off and help us find The Next Top Idol. To pick the winner, we forgot about obsolete counting of likes, and turned to IG Polls. Samsung fans turned up each day to Instagram to decide which dancers leave the show and which stay on for the final round.



The campaign celebrating K-POP culture in Romania, a country almost 5000 miles away from Korea, become a viral hit and reached 90% of the Romanian K-Pop audience. Over 300 Romanian fans jumped at the chance to show their dance moves. The innovative voting mechanic attracted a 12% engagement rate and made the campaigns an Instagram hit totaling 12,300,000 impressions.





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