Samsung Connected

We inspired Romanians to rediscover the true gift of Christmas – human connection – by setting up a social experiment reframing coveted gadgets as enablers of connectivity with dear ones. We kickstarted the campaign with a teasing phase and asked fans across all our social channels the most important question of the Season ”What is the perfect Xmas gift?”. We used the answers as social media posts and discovered that 62% of them were dreaming of gadgets, rather than time together.

We randomly selected some of those who answered and found ways to contact their families who helped us set up the social experiment. We offered them the exact Samsung gadget of their dreams. Then, showed them another answer to the same question, by a special someone. And revealed how their new gadget is all about the power of human connection.

We amplified the message across various relevant targets for each product category and specifically towards  the loyal community in the Samsung Members App. After releasing our experiment about the true perfect gift for Christmas, we offered our fans even more presents such as AR filters and dedicated Samsung Members App content, as well as an offline activation at the airport.



Average engagement rates on Instagram jumped from 3% to 7% and on Facebook from 1% to 2%. The social experiment became a viral hit with 8.6 million impressions, 2.3 million views and a total reach of over 6 million. The additional assets of the campaign – the AR filters – were also very popular resulting in 36000 impression, more than 46000 opens and over 3000 captures.

Influencers joined in and helped us make Christmas personal again by sending heartfelt messages to their Samsung Members communities. The Samsung Members App community received special love as we offered  them unique vouchers for their participation in our poll. We had 3465 participants and 9,930 unique views for our big question. But the most important result was proving to Romanians that the real #dowhatyoucant power of technology is human connection.