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While social distancing was indeed helping the overburdened healthcare system, another dangerous virus was spreading in people’s homes. Domestic violence had registered a surge, as those with an inclination towards abuse were spending more time in uninterrupted contact with their victims. Sometimes in the same room, as more than 55% of Romanians live in overcrowded homes.


We have created a series of stark visuals exploring the theme of the microscopic image of the new coronavirus in which the spike proteins arranged in the characteristic shape of a crown on the surface of the cell became dramatic scenes illustrating various types of domestic violence. In film, we have subverted the imagery of the various types of infographics circulating on the news.


Beyond raising awareness to the spike in violence, our campaign offered victims valuable advice from various specialists on 

a dedicated digital platform. Ranging from legal counseling to practical tips for victims and their relatives in these unusual partial or total curfew times, such as how to signal distress, how to create an escape plan and how to approach the Police.



The campaign generated 1.3 million PR impressions in local and international media and an over 100% increase of calls towards the official helpline.

But more importantly, it restarted the societal conversation around a dramatic subject that had become ignored in the turmoil of the pandemic.



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