ENGIE ROMANIA Create New Beginnings

ENGIE ROMANIA - Create new beginnings with ENGIE


The insight of the campaign is based on the fact that, for ENGIE, people are not just consumers of energy. However, with every gesture, good thought or smile, they are creators of energy for those around them. In a world where we face new challenges, energy creators find ideas for new beginnings, turning every moment into a memorable experience that should be immortalized and passed on. ENGIE gave Romanians and their stories full of emotion and humor the center stage. People need: economic stability + empathy + to feel inspired + to be reassured = energy for starting a new normal (new beginnings).
To bring the idea to life we selected several situations of using energy that were relevant and relatable to the new home-confined working and living status quo of our consumers. We then embedded them in short home-centric stories which showed, with empathy, the creative ways in which people adapted to the new normal.


Increase Engie Top of Mind Brand Awareness from 19% to 25%, increased +15.3% ENGIE gas clients and +41% ENGIE electricity clients